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Big Marv: 612-799-2672   On facebook: Kuiper Specialties, Inc.

Big Marv has been in the remodeling business more than 20 years and specializes as a Contractor and Consultant for the construction and remodeling of commercial kitchens, restaurants, bars and laundromats.

When it comes to getting your kitchen, restaurant or bar up and running, Marv will be there for you.  He will help you from start to finish.  Need help with design, specifications, city hall, neighborhood approval, Marv can help with:

  • Concept and Design
  • Hoods, HVAC, make-up air
  • Walk-in coolers and freezers
  • Equipment installation and hookup
  • Plumbing and electrical
  • Ceramic and quarry tile floors and walls
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Point of sale installations
  • Security systems
  • Bathroom partitions
  • Permits and inspections

Megawave Laundry Before

Megawave Laundry after

This is how the East African Injera Bakery looked before we started....that Pepto Bismol pink I was talking about earlier...

This is what it looks like now.  I've got to believe the city of St. Paul is grateful.....  The bakery is located on University Avenue.

We designed and installed this bar at Matty B's Urban Bar and Restaurant  downtown Minneapolis.

This is the bar we designed and built for the girls at the Pi Bar at 2532 - 25th Avenue South

Here we have the back bar at Pi.  Marv came up with the idea for the front of the bar.  I especially like this one...very cool....

This was Willie's Wine Bar and Coffee House in Downtown Minneapolis - 1100 Harmon Place.  It has changed names and owners since we built it. Here we are framing the wall that will separate the dining room from the kitchen.

This is that same wall after everything has been done, including electrical, HVAC, plumbing, sound system, and all the equipment and cabinets installed.  There's a complete kitchen with pizza oven, dishwashing center, office and walk-in cooler behind the wall. 

Ron is just doing the finishing touches to the new Gryopolis in Bloomington.  We did a complete renovation here, including tiling floors and walls, installing new HVAC system, walk-in cooler and lots of stainless steel.

Here's another shot of the Gyropolis.  Stop in and say hi to Dino, the owner.  He's a great guy and will treat you right...

20 foot hood installed over fryers, wok and range.

This is our own kitchen.  We made the cabinets, put stainless steel panels in for back splashes and a stainless steel counter top on island.  It's great, you can cut on it, set hot pans on it and it just gets better looking with age.

Custom bar and back bar, designed and constructed by Kuiper Specialties, Inc.

Menu board, wall tile, counter and sneeze guard installed at Little Tokyo in Eden Prairie Center.

This is a custom designed bathroom sink installed at the Rooster in downtown Minneapolis.  The Rooster has since become Matty B's.

This is the dishwashing center installed at Matty B's in downtown Minneapolis.

We helped the customer get a complete beverage center installed at Matty B's.

We can take care of any and all of your make up air and ventilation requirements.

On this job, the client wanted to save a tree and so we did.  It is still going strong.  Check it out. It's at Carbones in Lexington.

Here they are in the process of moving the tree.

The tree has been moved to its new home and the addition to Carbones has started.

The new addition at Carbones complete with tree.  We are back here again putting in a small bar.  Great place for a pizza. Check it out!

Ron building a smoking shelter for Ed Hopkins, owner of Minneapolis Eagle, The Bolt and The Bolt Underground.

Roof over smoking area at Minneapolis Eagle

or for more information contact us at: 763-571-9211, fax us at 763-445-2044

Please feel free to contact us anytime.  We will get back to you...