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Owned and operated by Marv and Lois Kuiper.  We are the epitome of the all American "Mom and Pop" organization.  Marv started the business in 1985 and Lois joined him full time in 1993.  .

Big Marv, he isn't as big as he used to be but you only have to meet him once to understand why we call him that.  It's not just his size that gives him his name though, it's his heart and empathy for the customer that really make him "Big" Marv.  "Big Marv" is our main man.  He's a genius when it comes to concept and design.  He can take a look at a space and picture the finished project in his mind. Marv has been a licensed contractor since the inception of the licensing requirement.  His strong suit is his ability to work with city hall.   

Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is looking. We have integrity!

I am Lois....Superman's girlfriend.  I am in charge of the paperwork. I can also do simple floorplans that help the client visualize the end product before the more expensive architectural drawings have to be done.  I have worked "on the job" for years too.  I can run the power tools as well as most guys.  Just this year, Marv and I both became RRP certified.

Me being Vanna...

Want to get in touch with us, call Marv direct at 612-799-2672 or email us at:

bigmarv@bigmarv.com or lois@bigmarv.com

Check us out on facebook: Kuiper Specialties, Inc.